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Pregnancy is a time of joy and anticipation couples work hard for to achieve. It may seem like a simple natural process, but in actuality, it is the product of perfect timing, planning and sometimes luck. In terms of achieving pregnancy, couples are told many things by their doctors or through hearsay on the best ways to achieve fertilization.


Good Planning with Higher Frequency

Those seeking natural methods of conceiving focuses on monitoring their cycles, preplanning times, checking basal body temperatures and several other methods to predict ovulation. However, though sexual intercourse is advised frequently, about 3 or more times a week for optimal fertilization, many question if there are certain positions best fit to induce success. Unfortunately when trying to conceive some couples, about 20% have difficulty in achieving fertility.  Many Asian couples look for natural methods first without intervention. It is suggested sexual positions may influence or increase the chances of conception in couples. Let’s look at some of the positions best suited for those getting pregnant.


Get The Help of Gravity

Intercourse is necessary for fertilization. Sperm ejected from the male partner during penetration and intercourse usually travel through the vaginal canal to the uterus and through the Fallopian to fertilize the egg, which is later implanted in the uterus. Though studies for sexual position isn’t wide, there are some suggestions. Asian men on top during penetration is shown to have a better chance for both ejaculation and fertility. This position usually named missionary allows for deep intercourse so the sperm may reach the cervix closer compared to other positions. This position also allows to have control of penetration to allow for the best contact with the female genitals. It should be noted any positions where gravity is an issues, such as the female on top or intercourse while standing may prevent the proper pathway of the sperm to the cervix, discouraging fertilization. The woman’s pelvis should be tilted downwards and not to the face to allow for better semen transport.


Ladies First

Another position best suited for getting pregnant is when the male partner is behind the female, performing intercourse in a downward facing position. The sperm is allowed to travel freely towards the cervix and doesn’t go against gravity. Another position to help those wanting to conceive is a positioning commonly referred to as “spooning”. Here the male partner lays down aside the female partner facing the same direction. The female’s pelvis is tilted back towards the male’s genitals to allow for deep penetration and close intimacy. The female is tilted in a right angle ( 90 degrees) towards the male.


Deep Penetration & Female on the Bottom

The key to any successful intercourse is deep penetration and the female generally on the bottom. Though fertilization can occur with any position, there is a greater chances with the above mentioned. Women should refrain from expecting to get pregnant while being on top other than pleasure purposes, however there is always a chance to conceive from this position. Regardless of any position, pregnancy can occur at anytime. Hopefully this article and positions helps in your quest for pregnancy. Consult your doctor today for further information.