Male Infertility in Malaysia

Men probably causes up to 35% of primary infertility

Male infertility once disregarded as a cause and it is now more common than ever. 35% of infertility is account by male. It is vital to perform semen analysis when trying to identify a couple’s infertility, as that alone can be the cause. Sperm is obtained after a few days of abstinence (2-4 days) to not skew concentration. Causes of abnormal semen include but not limited to, low serum concentration, acidic semen, decreased motility and abnormal anatomy. Etiology for such abnormalities arises from ejaculation dysfunctions, histoy of radiation or toxins, genetic disorders and past infections. Evaluations can be achieved by testing for serum hormone levels such as testosterone; FSH and LH levels, which help identify hypogonadism. History of certain disorders such as mumps orchitis, cystic fibrosis (which can affect sperm motility) or congenital cryptorchidism (causing anatomical instability) can contribute to male infertility. This is why a thorough history is vital in determining male infertility. Genetic testing is further implemented in males with limited to no sperm and to identify any antisperm antibodies or mutations. Finally ultrasonography is used to rule out obstructive causes, which may limit the amount of sperm released during intercourse. Grab Free male fertility test at our centre in Petaling Jaya (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia.

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