Sperm Donation in Malaysia

Sperm donation is utilized for those seeking children and having difficulties with fertility. Many males and female suffer from factor infertility rendering them candidates for artificial insemination into the vagina, uterus or fallopian tubes when sexual intercourse doesn’t follow. Sperm donation is the oldest form of reproductive assistance and utilizes sperm from a male patient other than the female’s partner. Candidates and indications for sperm donation are couples whom the partners carry an inherited diseases, have sexually transmitted viruses or those where IVF have failed, females without current male partners and incompatible couples. This article will go into further details on how sperm donation, insemination and retrieval is performed today.

Sperm donation has helped thousands in fertility through insemination from donor candidates. Males who choose to donate their sperm do for several reasons. Whether for monetary use or those seeking a family, donated sperm is an initial approach to fertility. Many females have male partners with azoospermia, oligospermia or spermatozoa abnormalities. This renders them with limited options for pregnancy. Therefore donor sperm is used. For a sperm to be used for donation, it must go through a selection process. First and foremost, no facility or the performing physician may donate sperm for use in practice. Donors are usually >18 and younger than 35 as increasing age decreases fertility impact. Donors are rigorously selected through a process of mental and physical health evaluations. Donors may also be subjected to only <20 births to minimize multiple blood relations in a population known as consanguinity. Donors must abstain from sex or ejaculation 2 days prior to donation. Females who require specific donors may also make this request however legal work and issues of paternity must be addressed prior to accepting. A medical screening is done prior to donation for several transmittable diseases. This includes and is not limited to:



Hepatitis B & C

Herpes Zoster



Neisseria gonorrhoeae

RH positive



West nile virus

Zika virus




Donors may also be genetically evaluated for any form of mendelian, congenital or karyotype disorders that would cause congenital malformations in future offspring. Cystic fibrosis is also tested in all donors. These sperm collections are quarantined for 6 months while the donors are tested. If the screenings are primarily negative, the samples are cryopreserved and after a second negative result, may be sent for use. If anything comes back positive, the donor is notified and samples are not labeled for use.

Sperm characteristics also predispose the type of sperm used for donation. For several assisted reproductive technologies, the amount and type of sperm differs. Intrauterine insemination requires spermatozoa that is washed and separated from seminal fluid allowing the most motile sperm to fertilize. This process also separates and removes proteins and inflammatory cells that can hinder conception. Unwashed sperm is used for intracervical insemination. Lastly, sperm sorting may be utilized for those seeking gender specific specimen.

The procedure for sperm donation begins after screening evaluations for mental, physical, sexual and genetic factors. Afterwards the patient consents and abstains as mentioned earlier for a minimum of 2 days. The patient beings by releasing a sample of ejaculated sperm into a vial of sterile cup in a private room. The sample is then cryopreserved and quarantined for 6 months until the results arrive. If it is permittable for use, the patient is selected as a donor. Though the freezing process is standardized, some sperm is susceptible to damage in the process and should be noted as a complication. The process to become a sperm donor is noninvasive, through a rigorous screening process must be performed. Become a sperm donor can provide life and fertility to those who are having difficulty or are without a male partner. It can be a rewarding experience and should be done with full consideration.

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