Causes of Diseases in Malaysia

Lifestyle factor is the main driving force for disease currently.

Structure and function is interrelated, when one of these are disrupted, conditions arise forming problems known as diseases in our bodies. Diseases are affecting every living life must face at some time or the other eventually leading to impairment and death. The study of disease is known as pathology and the causes, etiology. This article focuses on what types of diseases out there warrant a need for cell regenerative stem cell therapy and the facts involved. With this day and time, chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent and leading to burdensome costs and quality of life. This is usually due to a poor immune system which may be inherent or from environmental factors. Common body systems affected include, heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and kidney diseases. Let’s look into what factors increase the chance of one developing such pathologies.


Lifestyle factor is the main driving force for disease currently. As of the 20th century, increase in pollution, smoking, drug abuse, radiation, laziness and excessive food are significant factors for disease. Our body is a carefully constructed unit, comprising of every cell working hard to maintain a balance and function of each organ. However, with increases in ways for a comfortable lifestyle comes a deadly cost. As more and more industries and work arises, people are exposed to pollutants from factories, cars, busses and wastes. Our dependence on electronics induces exposure to radiation and sitting for prolonged hours at work. This leads to a lack of exercise and movement which increases body inflammation and fat storage. Excessive food consumption with preservatives and snacks feed poison into our bodies, this all adds to both our mental and physical stress.


Any stressors to the body must be combated by the immune system. When stressors overload the immune system, to where it cannot fight to keep the body healthy is the cause of chronic diseases. One being heart disease which is affecting the youth faster this day and age. Most people afflicted with heart disease average around age 65 however more and more individuals are suffering early as late 30’s to mid-40’s. A known complication of heart disease seen in people vastly today are strokes. Strokes are the second most common reason for mortality in the world. This is due to several factors such as increased pressure, cholesterol, drug use but also a poor immune system. Local immune responses have been known to cause stroked in ischaemic lesions (areas of the brain or vessels not receiving proper blood flow). New therapeutic agents are being researched to aid in targeting the immune system to prevent and treat strokes.

Diabetes is also a disease as a result of poor immune function. Diabetes is an immune issue when the body, specifically the immune system attacks the pancreas which is responsible for proper production of insulin which controls blood sugar levels (glucose).


Now what are signs and symptoms of a poor immune system to watch out for? Those afflicted with this issue complain of severe fatigue, lack of energy, constantly getting sick virally or bacterially, trouble sleeping, emotional unstable, trouble healing after cuts and bruises and inability to retain memory.


When the immune system fails or is near failure the only treatment is via stem cells. A series of articles on stem cells can be found and learned through these articles. Briefly speaking, stem cells are cells with the capability for self regeneration and renewal. They are able to differentiate to any cell in the body and help in the care of people afflicted with blood, cancer, skin and muscle disorders. Stem cells are harvested from embryos, developmental tissue and bone marrow. Injured and diseased tissue is treated with stem cells for regeneration and immune boosting drugs can also be given concurrently or as a less invasive treatment. Regardless of the disease, prevention in one’s own life must first be attained. Choosing a healthy balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, exercising avoiding high stress, pollution, smoking, drugs and others who are ill are the first steps in maintaining or preventing any further damage to the immune system. Free radicals are naturally found in the body to help metabolize viruses and bacteria to destroy them. However with poor lifestyle choices as mentioned earlier, free radicals increase damaging healthy cells in the body making the immune system weak. By following a healthy lifestyle the production and introduction of free radicals may be stopped and antioxidants which prevent free radical damage can work better. Take notice of the body now to live a better life.

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