How To Boost Immune System for Malaysian

Let us look how we can start strengthen our immune system and create an everlasting health.

As human beings, we couldn’t live effectively in our environments if it wasn’t for a properly working defence system. This mechanism is better known as our immune system, which works hard to protect and prevent us from ailments and daily pathogens that can lead to disease. Our body’s immune system comprises of a first line defence system to prevent germ invasion. We inherit it upon birth from parents and it develops in time to mature to the system we have as adults. This system is found in all organisms and as humans, we receive extra immune protection via vaccines, exposure and proper health maintenance. Now when our immune system fails that is when we get disease. How can we boost our immune system is a topic all of us ask when sick. There are conventional and alternative ways which will be discussed in this article such as prevention and stem cell therapy. Let us look how we can start strengthen our immune system and create an everlasting health.


In a prior article we discussed the effects of free radicals, antioxidants and defending our immune system. Our body composed of cells that go through life and death cycles and when the cells of the body is attacked, free radicals and our immune system tries to fight it off. However, too many free radicals start attacking healthy cells, weakening our immune system by increasing its response in our own body (autoimmunity). Several environmental and physical factors contribute to this problem. First and foremost our diet has been adding to the demise of the immune system. Food rich in fats, oils, preservatives, sugars and calories have weakened our nutrition and metabolism, harbouring more bad bacteria and fat which leads to weight gain and cholesterol. The peak in cholesterol and form into plaques which clog the vascular system warranting an immune response that can lead to strokes, heart disease, diabetes due to poor pancreatic function and more pathologies. We aren’t absorbing good vitamins which promote cell growth and antioxidants which fight free radicals. Pollution, our lack of exercise and exposure to radiation also induces toxins to our bodies making us susceptible to disease as it weakens the immune system. Ways to counter this is as follows. First and foremost a diet rich in vitamins is a must. Vitamin A, C, E, omega 3’sm iron and zinc are some examples. Vitamin A helps promote proper skin and tissue growth which can be found in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, carrots and eggs. Vitamin C helps to boost our immune system by feeding antibodies which defend against bacteria and toxins, this can be found in all citrus fruits like grapefruits and oranges. Vitamin E can be found in nutritious fats and oils such as nuts, dark green vegetables and is also good for our skin and growth. Good fats from fish and avocados help boost our good cholesterol and counter the bad which forms plaques and weaken our blood stream. Zinc and iron can be found in lean meats and beans which help with blood making. Making sure to avoid pollution and use more environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as walking, biking or taking the bus helps reduce emission and exposure. Exercising for just 30 minutes a day helps boost the metabolism and strengthen the immune system to help circulate blood and evacuate toxins. Sleep is also a factor. A lack of sleep has been shown to weaken our immune system and prevent our body from fully resting to regenerate cells, our brain function and other bodily functions. One should aim to get 7 hours a sleep soundly to prolong life and the immune system. Lastly, stress is a major cause of immune depression. Whether it be from life or disease, stress releases cortisol which can suppress the immune system leading to the body being susceptible to attack. As humans we can prolong the aging process and help the immune system but we can never revert it.


Another alternative in addition to conventional lifestyle modifications is through regular vaccines and treatments. Although we are born with an inherent form of immunity, our body needs vaccines to certain diseases and viruses to prevent us from getting sick, some being, pneumonia, hepatitis, human papilloma virus, measles, mumps, rubella and meningitis. These shots given early on in childhood and yearly flu vaccines in adulthood boost our immune system by exposing a small amount of neutralized pathogens so our body can create antibodies to help defend against a real attack. Those who choose not to vaccinate suffer from the risk of disease and death as it attack violently opposed to those who are vaccinated,



However, those afflicted with chronic diseases such as cancers, blood disease and immune disorders may not be able to boost their system with the methods stated above. They will need an alternative method of therapy in addition known as stem cell therapy or cell regenerative therapy. This therapy helps boost the immune system by extracting healthy cell progenitor cells (cells that can develop into anything) and transplanting them into a patient’s body to boost immunity and any other molecules they lack. Stem cell therapy helps regenerate and repair biological functions to damaged organs and older cells. It restores body functions, redress hormonal imbalances and rejuvenate the cells for a healthy younger immune system. The source of stem cells can be from embryos, cord blood or placenta from newborns or one’s own, adult bone marrow, fat and peripheral blood. The one fear in transferring stem cells is will our bodies react well to it? The benefit of adult stem cells such as from bone marrow is it has immunoprivileged. This means it will not be killed by the host (one’s own) immune defence cells, such as those seen in organ transplants where the body attacks its transplant leading to failure or death. The stem cells also carry many growth factors to help the host cells rejuvenate and recharge.


In conclusion, we as humans need to create a wellness goal to help boost our immune system, beat aging and stay young. This can be achieved by making healthy lifestyle choices, annual medical checks, vaccines and good decisions. Unfortunately for those with incurable diseases, immune boosters such as stem cell therapy is a promising alternative to help boost and regenerate the weakened immune system. Ethically there is much debate if this should be allowed but should be under each owner’s discretion.

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