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With medical innovation and cell regenerative techniques, knee tissue grafts and cartilage regenerative therapy helps regrow and strengthen one’s own knee today.

Dr. Gobinder Singh Orthopaedic Surgeon (Malaysia)
Dr. Gobinder Singh – Orthopaedic Surgeon (Malaysia)

“ In over 170 patients treated locally, over 95% are satisfied and
much improved with the result of cell regenerative treatment for osteoarthritis.”



Cartilage Regenerative Therapy

Knee pain and damage is the most common complaint in aging Malaysians today. However it is seen in even younger patients such as athletes and those who are overweight. Daily stress puts wears and tears on our knees and some afflicted with degenerative joint diseases like arthritis and infections have worsened knee structures. However with medical innovation and cell regenerative techniques, knee tissue grafts and cartilage regenerative therapy helps regrow and strengthen one’s own knee today. Let’s take a look at how this is done and the benefits.

Knee Treatment Malaysia

About Our Knee

The knee is comprised of bone; cartilage, ligaments and fluid that help stabilize and provide movement. However the cartilage can be damaged from traumas or normal activities. This leads to pain and osteoarthritis. Most people have to go through extensive surgeries and repairs that may not fully fix the knee and may make it susceptible to re-injury. However due to cartilage regenerative therapy, young more viable tissue can be donated to help grow and maintain the knee. Stem cells have been widely successful and used to improve diseases today. Since many of these degenerative diseases are related to aging, it is only fitting to use such transplantable cells for anti aging and regenerative medicine. Scientists have found it is possible to regenerate cartilage in patients from their own stem cells and other donor cartilage grafts.

Cartilage Regenerative Using Stem Cells

Stem cells or cartilage is collected from healthy donors and youths organ donors. Children and young organ donors or willing donors, have healthy and proliferative cells that are capable of multiplying faster than adults. Cells from a donor cartilage can enter and multiple around the knee cartilage eventually mixing with the body’s cells to form a stronger and faster result. A second method is using donor stem cells.

Cartilage Regenerative Therapy Process

Patient’s interested in this procedure can in the following steps.

1. First those afflicted with knee issues can make an appointment with their doctor who will refer them to a comprehensive health screening. The aging specialist will analyze the patient’s report and x-rays to see how damaged the knees are. Based on the report if the patient is a good candidate for stem cell treatment the paint is approved.

2. Stem cells can be from one’s own bone marrow or donor cells. If the patient wishes to use his or her own stem cells, a needle is inserted to the pelvis or femur and bone marrow is withdrawn. There is mild pain but a local anesthetic and numbing is used for the skin and bone. Once acquired it is preserved and checked for any issues.

3. When the patient is ready to be transplanted with cells he is returned to the clinic or hospital. The whole produce takes about 30-40 minutes. The patient is then provided a 3-month supply of supplements for function such as Juvenescence from the US formulation.

4. Patients are required for a follow up after 6-9 months to do a new aging profile to assess and compare results pre and post stem cell therapy. Side effects or complaints include and swelling, fatigue, headaches or mild fever post treatment, which should resolve quickly. This integration and regeneration via stem cells is a much stronger technique than mechanical repair done in surgery. The patient has a great success rate and improvements.

5. This whole process takes a single day and is a great alternative for those who don’t want to face surgery or joint replacement. Patients can return to daily activities of living and less susceptible to risks of post operations such as infections or heart attacks. Find out if you’re a good candidate and see if stem cell regeneration can be used for the knees.

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‘Life before stem cells treatment was miserable and unpredictable.
I cannot walk for more than ½ hour and I can’t sleep well.’
After the treatment, my mobility increases and I have less restrictions to have a normal life.’
‘I am very happy with my results from this treatment.’


Madam Mui

AGE: 52岁

‘I have been suffering from knee pain for more than 20 years. My knees hurt when I walked and when I climbed up the staircase. I was suffering every but I had no choice. But, after the stem cell treatment , I felt the pain is gone and I can walk naturally from now on.’

无法抱怨太多,只能默默承受。” 她说 ,接受干细胞治疗后,已挥别过去20年的痛楚,如今自然地走路。

Madam Siew

AGE: 53岁

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